Castleman Estate Agents have found their community stars!!

We put out an appeal a month ago for nominations for our community star award! We received a fair few and ended up not being able to choose just one star, and we now have 3! Shelley Rose, Deborah Stanley and Hannah Hobbs. Each winner is truly remarkable!


Deborah Stanley – Debbie runs classes for Zumba in the community. She does several classes but the one that stands out is the chair class on a Monday afternoon at Pinehurst church in the hall. This is for people with little mobility although all are welcome. She then supplies tea and biscuits afterwards so they can sit and have a chat. Some of these people do not get to see anyone else during the week. She is one of the kindest people and has time for everyone.
A lot of work goes into this and I really think she doesn’t make much money, but Debbie does it for love and caring for people and not for profit.
Although Debbie couldn’t do chair class in lock down she set up zoom for the rest of her classes and this truly kept most of people sane and connected.


Hannah Hobbs – Hannah set up and carries on running Ferndown community group,

At its peak there were 300 volunteers supporting a similar number of residents it’s everything from shopping collecting medications, befriending etc

You can see the full range on the website

She does all this whilst keeping her day job going


She also runs various community events such as an Easter egg trail, a Christmas garden competition and Santa sacks for local children


She has made a real difference to hundreds of people in her community.



Shelley Rose – Shelley has organised the community support group ever since the pandemic began. She has worked tirelessly to make sure everybody who needs help in every way received it. Shelley also run the homeless charity, Second Chance, helping people in and around the area. In conjunction with Morrison’s she overseas the food bank. All of this is done in her own time with no financial reward.

On top of all of this she holds a position on the Verwood council as well as being chairperson of Verwood carnival. An amazing lady!


These are our 3 local superhero’s!! Thank you all so much for everything you do and we hope this recognition shows you all just how valued you are! Keep up the good work!